StateTech Magazine Recognizes as a Must Read Blog


Launched in February 2015, has brought a wealth of technology information to citizens of Durham County. StateTech Magazine, a CDW-G publication has taken notice, naming it to their 50 must read state and local IT blogs of 2015!

“This blog is living proof that a strategic approach to IT can have an immediate and significant effect on citizens. Durham County is pushing open data and cybersecurity, among other important tech initiatives. Show this newly launched blog some love — it should be proud of all the work it’s accomplished. Hopefully, it will inspire more municipalities to join the blogging community.” – Jimmy Daly (StateTech Magazine)

How technology is utilized for a positive effect on citizens is vital and the Durham County Information & Technology department looks forward to building on their prior accomplishments. Stay tuned for more exciting tech initiatives from Durham County as they strive to be leaders in local government technology and community engagement. Thank you devoted readers of!


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Chris is an IT professional working almost ten years in local government. His experience is in technical support, audio/visual/network administration, social media and project management.

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