Social Media Opening New Doors


Social media in Durham County Government has taken root and looks to be a valued avenue for communicating what is news, what is trending within the county.  Social media sites related to programs in Public Health, Soil and Water, the library, and various other departments and efforts began to spring up starting around 2012 and have been growing ever since.Social_networking_servicesRealizing the power of social media as a 2 way communication medium that is very popular, the county formed a social media committee charged with coming up with a policy to insure that our social media teams have at least a playbook for when there are questions about how best to communicate on this medium and represent the county well.

We also do live chats on occasion, like this one from April 15, 2015 on public transportation; light rail, traffic, sidewalks, and other transportation-related issues:



Durham County’s Social Media Sites

To learn more about Durham County’s social media, contact Michael Davis, Strategic Initiative Manager


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