IS&T Hosts a 2015 User Forum


In late July, the Information Services & Technology Department of Durham County Government ( IS&T ) conducted a session with employees to get feedback on various technologies being used throughout the County and how we better partner with departments on technology initiatives going forward.

Our goal is to deliver a more positive user experience while looking for ways that technology can enable better utilization of citizen services and improve employee productivity,” said Greg Marrow, CIO of Durham County Government.

The User Forum format was designed to be highly interactive and generate as much conversation from the attendees. Five questions were asked:

1. What tech issues are impeding your productivity?
2. How can the County utilize mobility?
3. What’s the good/bad/ugly about O365?
4. How can the DCInfo/SAP intranet portal be improved?
5. How can IS&T be a better business partner for Durham County Government/ Citizens/You?

Throughout the facilitated two-hour event, a wealth of input and “how to improve” comments were drawn from the attendees including comments that can help us with the County technology strategic plan.

“Our department is now organizing, developing and prioritizing action items based on the session,” said Marrow. “We will be keeping in touch with Forum participants so everyone knows how their valuable input is being used and how it helps shape our long-term strategic plan for IS&T.


User forum participants Deidre Harper and Susan Reidy giving feedback about services provided by Durham County’s Information Services & Technology Department. Steve Barden (front) and Chasity Locke (right) from IS&T listen and take notes.


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