Durham County IS&T Reinforces Cyber Security Awareness in 2016


After a successful cyber security month campaign in 2015, Durham County (DCo) Information Services & Technology (IS&T) rose to the challenge of expanding the effort in 2016.

Durham County Information Services & Technology created training videos, quizzed County employees, simulated phishing attacks, and held a cyberbullying conversation with R.N. Harris Elementary 5th graders.

Fun cyber security videos were produced for Durham County Employees and featured personalities from the IS&T team. The series was released over three weeks internally via the County My Employee Central portal. They covered topics of clicking wisely, password security, malicious software, acceptable use, public records, and software updates. After their release, a quiz was offered for employees to test what they learned with the chance to win a prize.

IS&T Assistant Director, Les Hamashima talks to 5th grade students at R.N. Harris Elementary

DCo IS&T also made use of a simulator which randomly phished several employees through e-mail. If a recipient mistakenly clicked on the fake link, they were redirected to a County website with information of the simulated attack and how to identify suspicious e-mails.

Taking the campaign to the community, IS&T visited 5th grade students at R.N. Harris Elementary. An open and honest conversation took place discussing online safety for children and cyberbullying and its long-lasting effects. The team left impressed with the students’ tech knowledge and willingness to talk about cyberbullying.

For resources to learn about cyber security and cyber bulling please visit:




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